Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Owner’s Project Scope Development for Seaport Project – A Case Study of Sao Mai Ben Dinh Project in Vietnam

Project planning as a back bone of the project management places an important role in any project, especially for Seaport building area. A project is considered successful if it is finished in time, within budget and satisfied owner’s requirements. There are merely two phases of any project such as project plan and project control. The project plan plays the most important role and affect to whole project, planning require a deep study from owner, managers, specialist and many outside professors.

An owner’s inadequate project planning may cause project delay and cost over-budget as well as unpredicted risks. But what is the adequate project planning and how does the owner know on what is the right ways to make plan? Specially, Seaport building which affects very large area: economic, social, politic, etc. Project planning before building is very important.

Mr. Tran Duc Hanh made a research to develop a guideline for project owner to build up project scope to ensure the completion of projects. And to investigate owner’s project scope development to construct Sao Mai Ben Dinh port building project. His specific objectives were to (1) determine the critical project scope development that the owner should attempt in planning of whole project; and (2) investigate a case study that includes an owner’s project scope development plan to construct Sao Mai Ben Dinh port building project.

Based on his research, he proposed four general scopes of planning from owner’s point of view and applied to real case of Sao Mai Ben Dinh project. These are:

1. A general schedule for planning project from owner’s point of view is established.

2. Applying the ideal for real case of Sao Mai Ben Dinh project, at this stage a project charter is defined to determine the purposes and objectives of the owners.

3. A feasibility study is performed and then the risk plan and economic analyses are established. Based on these, a master plan of project is made.

4. An analysis on the result of the plan show that the project is well planning and project bring high advantage to owner.

His thesis abstract is copied and posted.


This research proposed a general scope for planning of seaport project, at this point of view we developed a general requirement for plan and some special characteristics of seaport development which owner should pay more attention to. A real case of seaport project, Sao Mai Ben Dinh Project, is established to present the applying of study in real. Most of the important area of seaport project scope is figured out in this research. Base on these, owner has a general view about his project and which part he should pay more attention to in order to make the project success.